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Yep. I went there!

How does a 900-year-old, 2ft tall, green skinned, pointy-eared little goblin of a Jedi master make us love him so much?


Contradictions maybe?

If you start your SW journey in the order that is best (I think so, get over it), you meet a little green giggling Muppet laughing at a shipwrecked Luke who followed a vision to a slimy mudhole.

What is really going on? One of the most powerful Jedi masters in the thousands of years the Jedi have been swinging laser swords is testing this punk kid who is the galaxy’s last hope.

He is extremely old and can barely walk with the help of a tiny cane.

When Luke’s ship sinks in the swamp, and he gives up in frustration and unbelief of his own power in the force, the little old green guy lifts the ship out. When farm boy gasps out that he doesn’t believe it, Yoda responds with a simple saying that Oprah was paying attention to long ago, “That is why you fail.”

Origins: Umm…? Well,…you see…

One of three things is true, and maybe all are at the same time, given the multi-faceted nature of most things in SW.

  • Lucas has made the origins of Yoda a mystery intentionally to further mystify this little green sorcerer (which is undeniably one of the reasons we are fascinated by him)
  • Lucas wanted to put the emphasis on Yoda being the representation of faith as one of the most important aspects of life, and less a story about another character
  • Yoda was a plot device to train the hero (Luke Skywalker) into someone who didn’t whine about going into Tashi station to pick up power converters that could destroy the big bad guy, and Lucas didn’t give his origin much thought (if any)

There have been a few non-cannon teases about his early training, but virtually no info about his race or anything specific along those lines.

Want to know where he came from, what his earlier life was like during the more than 800 years off screen? Want to know more about his race, his planet, their culture?

Yeah, get in line!

Powers and Abilities: Yoda was a master lightsaber combatant (possibly the best part of Episode II, Attack of the Clones, is his fight with Sith Lord Count Dooku)and was incredibly strong in the force. He was also gifted in seeing into the future and reading the thoughts and emotions of others, and was as wise as 900 years of life tends to make someone. And speaking in a backward/forwards way makes you put what he is saying together in your head, so you can’t help but think about what he says is a gift, if a weird one.

My Thoughts: Yoda and the concept of faith are one in the same. I am a Christian (I hope you are too whether you like that or not) so faith is very important to me personally, as well as billions of people on our little blue sphere in the great big black and lights of the universe. Yoda is about peace but is not a pacifist when trouble arises, or innocents are threatened. My little green friend is also old enough to laugh at things that seem weird to people who view things from a different perspective that comes with doubt.

I love Yoda.

Stay tuned for my next post on the fearsome Darth Maul!

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