HK-47: The Bane of Meat-Bags

To quote C3-PO, “Shut me down!”

So much has happened since my “about me” post! To make a sad novel into a very short story, my ex and baby momma (I have custody of said kiddo) decided to try to take me back to court to reverse a court order making me the custodial parent of our son. I have to give a huge shout out to Heather at for helping me to keep my best buddy where he belongs. Check these guys out!

Down to business: HK-47!This assassin droid from the era known as KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic), thousands of years before the films, is a fan favorite; and for good reason!

HK is hard to describe in some ways, and you may not like the way I do it, but I don’t care.

HK-47 is a sarcastic, organicist (which is exactly like racism, only it is towards organic living creatures from a droid’s perspective), killer droid who is a pathological sociopath that feels most satisfied when he is “burning holes through meat-bags.”

Origin- Built by a Dark Lord of the Sith at the time named Darth Revan (possibly the most loved fan favorite character of the era), HK-47 was a piece of work to say the least. Revan built HK-47 as a way to outsource his desire to take out people that he considered to be a threat to everything being nice and peaceful at the time while he focused on the major threats himself. Sound strange? Consider the C.I.A.

There is no real explanation for HK-47’s loathing for organic creatures or his soulless sarcastic wit (and to call the droid sarcastic is like calling an ocean a wet place). We have to assume that is what happens when a droid is built and programmed by a Sith Lord for the sole purpose of deleting unwanted organic material, i.e., his targets.

As advanced as HK-47 was from his first moments of functionality, he got better and better (and more hateful towards organic humanoids) as he went about somewhat happily taking out people for Darth Revan.

My Thoughts: The writers for the T.V. show “Dexter” have got to be serious fans of HK-47!

There is something darkly hilarious about the assassin droid that you just can’t help but find funny, especially when playing the X-Box games that he is featured in as his intro to the SW galaxy.

The interaction between the main character and HK-47 are one of the main reasons people play through the game to this day, and YouTube has several vids created cataloging these moments of comedic fun.

HK’s hatred towards organic life forms is the side of racism that we find funny no matter thin skinned we may be on the subject, made even creepier that we laugh about him discussing how much he loves taking them out.

It’s not his fault, he was made that way after all. And we love it.

Check back in with me for my brain spewings on the greatest of all Jedi masters: Yoda!

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