Celara To’kessi

Jedi Swordswoman/Healer Extraordinaire

The Jedi, before their extermination at the hands of Darth Vader and Order 66, were an amazing collection of individuals from thousands of species that sometimes clung to the cultures and traditions of their people while adhering to the Jedi ways they were trained in since infancy.

Another interesting aspect of the Jedi is that of their role as warrior monks policing the galaxy to maintain peace throughout the galaxy.

Peaceful yet deadly, humble yet possessing a power that few could understand which made them gods among men (and Wookies, and Hutts, etc.).

The Jedi could even get glimpses of the future, yet remained neutral politically (for the most part) in the interest of galactic harmony.

One such Jedi from the era of the decline of the Old Republic was a female Mirialan Jedi healer named Celara To’kessi.    

Celara To’kessi was a Jedi healer who was trained to be a doctor, treating the injured that were brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant (particularly Jedi who were injured during their duties as peacekeepers, though her role as a combat medic during the Clone Wars was a big part of her career).

Origins: Celara To’kessi was born on her races world of Miriala to a starport deck captain’s family who gave her to the Jedi after seeing the young child heal a wounded sibling with the force. With an aptitude for healing from infancy, her path in training at the Jedi Temple was all but assured: the Jedi Healer Core was her destination. She was apprenticed to a senior healer in the temple, a male Rodian Jedi Healer named Master Jokiss, where she used her clinical training and talent with the force to treat injuries and illnesses of all types.

A significant event altered her life in a profound way when she and Master Jokiss were sent to help treat the wounded on a planet in the mid-rim where the Jedi were trying to halt a civil war that had turned deadly.

After a few weeks of treating injured soldiers at a neutral hospital camp, Celara and Master Jokiss responded to a distress call for medical evac from a high ranking officer. As they arrived, the two Jedi and their medic assistants were caught in the crossfire of an enemy trying to finish off the officer and his men. In the firefight, Master Jokiss was shot and killed due to his lack of defensive lightsaber combat skills, a loss that Celara took hard. Upon her return to the Jedi Temple, Celara requested to be given time to intensify her lightsaber training so that she would not suffer the same fate as her former master. As it turned out, Celara was an excellent lightsaber combatant, who excelled in the defensive lightsaber style of Soresu.

My Thoughts: Celara To’kessi was the ideal of the Jedi: compassionate, peaceful (though with a positive and at times fun loving side), highly skilled in combat a servant to those around her. Within a setting as violent as SW, someone that takes the role of doctor has got to be made of some tough stuff to not go crazy I would think.

Oh, and btw, Celara To’kessi is a character I created for a Star Wars roleplaying game!

Hope you like her!

Catch up with me next time for Boba Fett!

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