Star Wars Character Facts and Opinions

Hello, my friends who (like me) wish they could live in the galaxy far, far away!

My name is Kevin, and I am starting this blog to express my thoughts on some iconic (and not so iconic) Star Wars characters. You might use this blog as way to give a brief overview of some of them so you can use the info provided here to educate your kids, your girlfriend/wife (if you can keep her awake: Note-My thoughts on that? Quid pro quo: promise to see a chick flick, clean the kitchen, pay to get her nails done, etc. in trade for her undivided attention! You will win twice, trust me!).

This isn’t meant to be the wookiepedia of all SW blogs, and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me on my views and opinions on the characters we all love. If you don’t like what I have to say about Yoda the solution is simple: stop reading and go do something else! Duh!

Additionally, as tempting as it is to write a Sith blog and all things darkside I decided against that (don’t worry, there are a couple of major favorites on the darkside of things).

All in all, as is fitting, this blog is by an SW fan for SW fans.

Hopefully, this info will continue to keep you inspired and maybe give you a different perspective that might provoke some good conversations with an alien at the cantina next to you.